backgammon setup

Backgammon Setup 

If you are just getting started at backgammon you may be wondering to where to put the pieces on the board in order to begin. Of course you will find that information here and so much more. For even if you are just getting started playing backgammon you still want to win. The difference between a novice and expert is not that as much as you would think due to the element of chance. Though that does not mean you can expect a few good rolls of the dice to save you ! So if you have the patience to read through the information here you can get that little edge that will make you a more succesful backgammon player.

  Statistics and Backgammon

When I was in college as an accounting mjor statistics was required for my major. It was a killer course that hurt most students grade point average. So I am not going to bore you with a long statistical explanation of the odds of different strategies. But I can give you my one tip regarding the odds of a particular number versus another. The lower the number the lss likely it is to happen. it is more likley that you will get a total of 6 than 1 when rolling two dice. So if you have to leave a single piece open and you hav a choice of locations, pick the one that your opponent will need to roll a one to get you out.

  Backgammon Instructions

Any new game board that you buy will come with backgammon instructions so you can learn how to play the game. To begin with you will learn how to set up the board. Each board has twenty-four triangles on it. These are called points. The board is divided into four sections with each section having six points. 

The correct placement of the pieces is very important and you should be able to relay on the drawing that will accompany the backgammon instructions that come with your new game to assist you in placing them properly.

Once the pieces are set out you are ready to begin. The next thing to do is to for each player to roll one dice to see who should start the game. Each of the players will alternate taking their turns. They will roll the dice and move either one piece a combination of the two numbers or one piece for each dice rolled. So if you roll a five and a six you can either move eleven spaces or move on piece five and the other six spaces.

Backgammon instructions will explain that you cannot land on a point if the other player has two or more pieces on that point. You can however land on a point with one opponent’s piece on it. When you do that player must start that piece all over again by rolling the dice to bring the piece back on the board through his opponent’s home side. Sometimes getting back on can is a problem if the pieces are blocking too many of the points.

Doubles is another thing you’ll find out about in the backgammon instructions. If you get a double you get to make four moves instead of the usual two. That means if you were to roll double threes you could do any of several combinations to move a total of twelve spaces. You could move four pieces three spaces each, two pieces six spaces or even one lone piece the whole twelve spaces or any other combination that works for that move.

The goal of the game is to get all your pieces into your home section and then remove them by rolling  the dice and taking off pieces based on where they are seated on the board.  Backgammon is a challenging game, but if your follow the backgammon instructions you will catch on quickly and enjoy that challenge!